Room Diffuser – Imperial Scent Gold

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Room Diffuser created by Pauline Rochas
for Hotel Imperial Vienna

34.00  incl. VAT

Let our unique scent take you on a sensual journey, to a place where past imperial grandeur has been masterfully blended with all the amenities the contemporary world has to offer. A hotel of true luxury, elegant to its core, full of sophistication and subtlety. A creation that seems to be effortless and deceptively simple at first, with its top note of zesty grapefruit combined with a hint of warm cinnamon only to reveal a musky heart of cedar and pink pepper, that give it a more daring undertone. The earthy bases of vetiver and patchouli add texture and depth to the fragrance, ensuring it will last all day. A true piece of art, the perfect harmony of genuine classicism and modernity.

  • size: 6,4 x 6,4 x 22,6 cm
  • quantity: 100 ml
  • shipping weight: 600 g
  • shipping size: 150 x 150 x 300 mm

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