Room Diffuser – Imperial Scent Silver

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Room Diffuser created by Pauline Rochas
for Hotel Imperial Vienna

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Rich carpets, luxurious tapestries, marbled saloons and crisp white linen define the comforts of both the old and new world, and remain ever present at our renowned Imperial Residence with its history of over one hundred and forty years and multitude of famed guests. Our Signature Scent No 2 pays homage to the sweet, culinary delights associated with traditional Viennese hospitality. In this elegant creation, top notes of candied oranges suffused with juicy-fresh apples melt into a heavenly combination of spicy cinnamon and ripe plums. Creamy vanilla and precious amber add an almost chocolatey effect to the fragrance. An intoxicating, warm and sweet scent that envelopes the senses, alluring without being overpowering. A fragrance designed to evoke cherished memories of the past

  • size: 6,4 x 6,4 x 22,6 cm
  • quantity: 100 ml
  • shipping weight: 600 g
  • shipping size: 150 x 150 x 300 mm

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