The Limited Edition of the Imperial Torte WIENER KAFFEE seduces one into the traditional coffee house culture in Vienna: lightly whipped chocolate buttercream melts with the tart aroma of the Arabica bean – embedded in six crispy layers of almond leaves. Wrapped in finest marzipan, the delicacy becomes the perfect fusion of sweet and tart

This viennese cake known as the Imperial Torte, the unique master confection from Vienna, has been hand-made for decades. It is perfected by the fluffy whipped chocolate cream spread between thinly sliced almonds. Encased in the finest marzipan and covered with light Imperial icing, the individual layers blend to form the perfect composition.

This version of the Imperial Torte reveals its darker side: six crispy layers of sliced almonds are embedded in delicate chocolate cream, flavoured with a hint of coffee, and all wrapped in the most exquisite dark Imperial icing. Choice citrus fruits are meticulously processed for the delicate orange marzipan, to make this famous cake from Vienna even more exclusive.

Velvety raspberry paste refines this third variation of the imperial Viennese Cake, our homemade Austrian pastry: the Imperial Torte. A delicate, fruity note brings light pleasure and reminds of mild summer days. Sweet marzipan completes the incomparable aroma of this confectionery jewel.

Pauline Rochas from the eponymous Parisian perfume dynasty has created two exclusive fragrances for the Hotel Imperial Vienna. The sensually captivating “Silver Scent” and the imperial “Gold Scent” are produced in Grasse, France and are available as a unique room scent as well as an elegant scented candle. Visit the Imperial Torte Boutique in Vienna or shop online.